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WAYS OF GOING HOME Alejandro Zambra


Alejandro Zambra

                      Ways of going home (2011) It’s the sixth work of the poet, critic, novelist and essayist, Alejandro Zambra, who was born in Santiago of Chile in 1975, besides this, his third novel, he has published books of poetry called Useless Bay (1998) and Moving (2003), the collection of essays Do not Read (2010) and the novels Bonsai (2006) and The Private Lives of Trees (2007). His works have been translated into different languages. He also collaborates with magazines and the media and has won several awards in Chile and the world. He currently teaches literature at a University in Chile. Cristián Jiménez took his novel "Bonsai" into a movie, which was premiered at Cannes in the Certain Regard Section A.
                      Alejandro Zambra creates his own construction of the novel making it more personal with precision, honesty, melancholy and a touch of humor, irony maybe, achieving with this and other resources of the narrative to keep the reader's attention, making " Ways to go home "in a universal story.
                     Although it begins as a nine year old boy, the protagonist ends up as an adult, and as secondary characters become primary, he advances in his story and world transforming their lives through the past, his novel and memories.
                     Zambra In this novel about being optimistic with a sense of humor and lightness in daily life, but always arrives hint of negativity or perhaps some darkness in the story. "It was late and we'd love failure, and the wounds were trophies, like when children, after playing in the trees."
                     Wanders between stories, paragraphs and chapters that seem, at times, would not have to see each other, but manages to unite them well, building a novel entertaining and easy to read.
                     The protagonist, though not directly suffered the dictatorship - as he says, there were no deaths in his family, makes clear as it indirectly (being a minor character at the time) somehow affected him so sentimental and laying into the void left it, absent from his family brands, as in the conformity of their parents and many more not to act and not to be protagonists of this.
                      In "Ways to go home," there are many ways to travel the road. In each of the stories unfold, the players and / or supporting characters come and go, either on foot, by bus, by car, etc.. Even if not physically, in words and travel through time. "It is the journey of the novel, the journey back to the protagonist." Ways to travel between the present, the past and a glimpse of the future in mind, the words and the novel itself.
                      This book tries to be the survivor of a lost world, "I think they are the beautiful survivors of a lost world, a world impossible."

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