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PEOPLE OF THE BOOK - Geraldine Brooks

Geraldine Brooks

                               As I did with the last book that was commentated previously in here, my blog, this book is the mixture or assembly between history and fiction. Based on the real story of the Haggadah of Sarajevo, an Hebrew book which is used to be written at the night of Seder (the first night of the Jewish Passover) it’s a book which is sacred and that, according to the history it was taken from Spain in the 1492 and travelled a long trip in order to arrive at the Museum of Sarajevo.
                               This novel is about the way that the Haggadah had to go through to arrive to its current destination, all the different lives it took part of, intertwined by the small evidences found on its pages and discovered by the main character Hanna Heath, who does not only build the story of the sacred book, but also at the same discover and build her own life.
                               The novel was written by the winner of a Pulitzer, who has the ability to do from a documented fact or investigation, a novel, which honestly, as I have read in some others comments, entertains and it’s well done, but I have to be clear and say that more than once I was disconnected with the book and I almost left it, but after those two or three pages, it’s entertained and finally the story keeps going. It must be said that maybe it happens because of the translation into Spanish from English, which was not well done.
                               But I don’t have to take credits to this novel, it’s worthy of being read and moreover to know the story of this valuable book for the universal culture.


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