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THE SOURCE - James A. Michener

The Source

James A. Michener

An absolutely wonderful book, which is worthy to be read. Yes, I know that when you have it on your hands or you see the pages your hands will shake and you will say: could I read a book of almost 800 pages? (More or less according to the format), but do not worried, start reading it calmly and with enthusiasm because you’re not going to realize when you’re finishing it. But I warning you something, it is for readers who like literature as well as history, and who can joy the multiple stories page by page, the characters coming and going out in the story, it goes from the present to the past, over and over again. But it is worthy completely.

Mister James A. Michener wrote a book in which through a specific place or seeing from there it shows to us the story of humanity, the evolution of the man, the capacity of civilized us and stand up over and over again. It also shows poverty and ferocity of what our souls and acts are capable. In the book we will see how it was possible or the circumstances which allow us to realize that the season of the year were repeated, that there were cycles in our lives
and world, to discover the agriculture, to discover or have notion about our bodies and our capacities, of our spirits and minds, to find God and grow up according to this. It is a book in which from a place found by archaeologist in the way between Jerusalem and Damascus, called “The Tell Of Makor”, will take us to live all its phases or stratus and to discover what happened there, which was not so different in some other places of the world, we will see all the ages
and circumstances, we will live what might possible happened to its citizens and we will arrive until the present time in which it was written, the 60’s.

I have to clarify that even the characters were invented and Makor too, the stories are developed under a complete and strict historical reality and other characters and stories which really happened.

I read this book at the beginning of this year 2014 and I must say that when I so the production Humanity, I immediately remembered The Source, because it presents the history of our humanity who the author of this book did… Impressive, rich in facts and details, absolutely recommended.

I hope you like and enjoy it.


Jirad Saragg

Hunter Of Books and Magic

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